Allemansr├Ątten, or the Right of Public Access, is one of the unique joys of Sweden. It allows anyone to roam freely in the countryside, swim and travel by boat in someone else’s waters and pick mushrooms and berries in the forest.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

I needed to cut the grass.....

Well, we didn't really need to cut the grass as it had been done for us by Katrin & we didn't really need an excuse to spend a weekend in Halsingland!

First stop was to visit "Jarvzoo", a fantastic zoo showcasing native Swedish wildlife & somewhere I had been promising to take Sarah since we bought the cabin. Loads to see in a really great setting, the highlight was bear cubs playing close to the boardwalk.

We grilled ourselves some rib eye steaks in the garden one evening over a birch wood fire. The fire ring came all the way from Cabelas & I'm collecting a hand-forged tripod from Launditch in Norfolk next weekend to add versatility to our "camp-fire"!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Alg Safari

If you look really carefully you'll see an Alg (Moose) hiding amongst the trees.
Four evenings during our time there we drove out around the gravel roads that lead into the forest close to our cabin to look for Alg. We saw them every night we went apart from the last, a couple of times we saw females with twin calves but never a bull. Unfortunately we only managed to get this one picture, Sarah's determined to take her DSLR next time!