Allemansr├Ątten, or the Right of Public Access, is one of the unique joys of Sweden. It allows anyone to roam freely in the countryside, swim and travel by boat in someone else’s waters and pick mushrooms and berries in the forest.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another great gig!

The Beeston Big Band played at the Postmill Centre in South Normanton last weekend to help Alfreton Rotary Club raise some much needed cash for Alzheimers UK.
Here's a couple of pictures......

The band was swinging & it was Vicky's debut gig singing with us too (she normally plays tenor sax with us). Absolutely  fantastic!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dashing through the snow.........

........on a one horse open sleigh,
o'er the fields we go,
laughing all the way, ha ha ha........

Well we would have been if our faces could move at all in minus 24!!!!!!!!!!

Not so much snow this winter so our planned trip with my parents to clear snow from the roof of "Munch's Hideaway" became a trip to play in the snow.

We had a play with our kick sled

....and everyone had fun on skis!

But someone got a bit clever & fell off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The funniest bit was watching Dad try to get back on to his feet!

Big thanks to Daniel, Tommy & Ewa who always do so much to make us feel welcome in Sweden & introduce us to something new & horsey every time!