Allemansr├Ątten, or the Right of Public Access, is one of the unique joys of Sweden. It allows anyone to roam freely in the countryside, swim and travel by boat in someone else’s waters and pick mushrooms and berries in the forest.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

June 2012 - kitchens, logs & Murphy!

Well folks I feel that I must apologise to my readers for not posting - I could say I've been busy but that would imply I've been working hard!!!!
June saw us in Sweden again with Murphy this time & lots of work to do following a winter storm. We were joined by my Mum & Dad for a fortnight & they helped us with our chores & of course Dad sign-wrote Daniel's vans!

Not long after we arrived we visited Nordvik agricultural college where Daniel learnt his craft as a farrier
and we also helped him driving a prom!
Our first job was to install Sarah's new kitchen - with lots of help from Tommy & Ewa who performed the opening ceremony
we also jacked up a corner of the cabin to try & level it a bit!
The big job of the summer was to clear a number of trees that had been felled by the wind in a storm the previous winter. Sarah bought me a chainsaw
& with Dad's help stacking & tending the fire for the brashings

we were able to get everything ready for the "horsepower"!

And here's Sarah moving logs with Lilleman!!!!
Ewa, Tommy & Daniel invited us to join them for Grillekorv at a local lake

& they took us all out for an evening to try & spot bears - as you can see we did see one!
 Ewa & Daniel also took us to Faboden, a summer farm that opens it's gates to the public

Mum, Dad, Sarah & me had a day at the coast. We stopped for a picnic at a shelter in the forest on the way but didn't stay long - the insects were eating us alive!

Daniel decorated the carriage for Midsummer & took us for a trip around the village although first Sarah had to wash Fia in our garden!

One of the things I did with the some of the timber that blew down in the storm was to make some log seats to go around our camp-fire. We got some foam mats (there are some places you DON'T want splinters) & invited Ewa, Tommy & Daniel to a "cowboy cook-out" to christen them!

Sarah started to get Murphy used to "Nice Beaver", I had to push & steady the canoe. I think next year he'll be OK & we'll be off for some overnight trips in the canoe!

I did get one afternoon's fishing at Simmesjon on my own - no fish but a gratuitous pic of my tricked out Sparton float tube!