Allemansr├Ątten, or the Right of Public Access, is one of the unique joys of Sweden. It allows anyone to roam freely in the countryside, swim and travel by boat in someone else’s waters and pick mushrooms and berries in the forest.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

North of the border......

……..up Lairg-in-March way!

I turned fifty this year, St. Patrick's Day to be precise so Sarah, Murphy & I celebrated (or commiserated) with two weeks in the Highlands researching potential places for our retirement staying in a lovely cottage overlooking the Kyle of Sutherland.

We ate like kings & queens. Sarah surpassed herself yet again, we ate (Roe)Venison two different ways, some amazing steaks & lots of Haggis for breakfast!

We had a few trips out too...….

Loch Shin looked fantastic with snow on the mountains in the distance...….

…..& Murphy loved the beach at Achmelvich Bay close to Lochinver.

On the way back to Lochinver we spotted this deer in a small lochan right next to the road.....

…...& then a couple of stags enjoying the sun.

Another day, another loch...….

…...& then on to John O' Groats!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Trout & About!

Last fishing trip of 2017 saw me float tubing one evening on Lillsjon which is a lake to the east of the Ljusnan close to Arbra

This lovely Rainbow Trout took a mini muddler off the surface as the fly landed amongst some small reeds

Having promised Mrs Labrador smoked trout for ages I couldn't disappoint her & the trout didn't disappoint either after a short spell in the hot smoker!

.......and finally, a gratuitous arty shot of a duck on Lillsjon!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Well it's about time for a cooking post...........

Summer 2017 at Munch's Hideaway was unashamedly all about food, well food cooked outdoors on our own evolving fire-pit.

Our first meal was cooked on the ground level fire-pit but we had designs on a minor change that proved to be a major improvement........

A raised gravel bed which means the fire-pit is now level & it reduces the occurrence of back-ache!

Obligatory arty-farty fire shot!

Chef Sarah & Murphy making mayhem!

Another meal, another location, grill-a-korv by a local lake

The best way to cook a steak......

.....& counterfeit cassoulet in cast iron!

And finally, not forgetting steak, vegetables & a wild mushroom & stilton sauce.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Sun kept shining......

2016 saw us back at Munch's Hideaway with the best Summer weather we've ever had, only a few days with any rain at all & mostly warm & sunny!

Simmesjon was generous again (I don't know why I try other lakes) with plenty of Perch & this lovely Brown Trout taking flies.

Murphy had a great time too....

.....& of course Mrs Munch picked about a hundred-weight of wild berries to make into jam & cordial.

Because the weather was so good we cooked al-fresco on lots of occasions..

I did try to catch a few fish in other lakes such as this one a little north of Ljusdal although I only managed to catch a couple of small Perch.

Unlike a lot of previous summers the moose safaris proved very fruitful sometimes seeing six or seven moose in one evening (can you spot this one in the mist).

 The Murikka pan came out to play this summer......

....& I even got to grips with some plumbing fitting a new wash basin in the bathroom!

Another gratuitous moose pic....

This was a traditional Swedish Forest food, Kolbulle which is pieces of fatty pork fried into a pancake (made with a water batter) & served with Lingon Syllt (jam).

The sunsets were amazing, this is a photo of the Wind Farm that have been built close to Simmesjon.

....& finally just to show that Murphy hasn't given up swimming!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Whitsun fun with Mandie & Mark!

Just back from a short trip to Munch's Hideaway with Sarah's oldest friend Mandie & her husband Mark.

A trip to Green Lake, Albertina's Restaurant & Kramstatjarn although, alas, no trout!

Finally, an atmospheric shot of the new windmills close to Simmesjon.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

We're back!

Well, what can I say.
It's been a long time since I last posted anything on here (about three years I think) so I thought it was about time I did!
We've been married twenty five years this year so we decided to go all out & have three months at Munch's Hideaway fishing, eating & (for Mrs Labrador) jam making.
We also started with lots of good intentions to get fit, the NHS Couch to 5K running program beckoned until I fell by the wayside with shin splints after the third outing & Mrs Labrador ended up like this after her fourth!
Lots of campfire cooking resulted in some amazing meals, here,
& in the garden too!

The most spectacular location for "grill-a-korv" was by an abandoned ski slope with a view to die for!
At night the view was equally breathtaking.
Had a few trips out fishing, this is the view from my float-tube on Valasjon...
& here's the best fish of the trip caught by none other than Elizabeth Mallett!

I also found this abandoned cabin close to one of the lakes I visited.....
It was Mrs Labrador's birthday whilst we were there & she had her heart set on a picnic table. So, I borrowed a chop saw, bought a load of timber & made this for her!
Lots of visitors this trip.
Victoria & Elizabeth Mallett joined us for a week then we had my sister & brother-in-law, Debbie & Mike visit (huge thanks to Mike who sorted a problem with the electrics).

Debbie really took to berry picking in the forest........
as did Mrs Labrador now her knee was better!

Rasberry picking in the garden, all of this resulted in a mountain of home made jam!
There is a story behind this picture, Mrs Labrador likes being photographed by giant "things". In Minnesota it was a giant Paul Bunyan, here in Sweden it's the world's biggest knife!
The one good thing that came out of Mrs Labrador's injury & subsequent recuperation was that I had no excuse not to paint the outside of Munch's Hideaway in shiny Stugrod paint.
And finally for all of Murphy's fans out there in internet land......

Sunday, 21 April 2013

February 2013 Murphy's First Real Snow

Well for the second time I - that is Mrs Labrador - have been allowed to post on this blog ! I think it may have something to do with my love of the snow and all things snowy......... oh and as you will see from most of the pictures my love of a certain "furry friend"
Well first things first someone told us there was quite a bit of snow at Munch's Hideaway
One or two icicles

and a strange "fringe" on our roof.....

Perhaps Martin should get on our roof and clear some snow........

Mmmmmmmm the observant readers of this blog will note that of the 3 people in the picture only 2 of them are on the roof and they are NOT Martin... Big thanks to Tommy who after seeing Martin "walking" in the snow obviously decided that it was not a good idea to send "The Englishman" up the ladder onto the roof !
NOW FOR THE FUN...........
Me and Murphy in the snow !

Me playing with Murphy in the snow
Murphy in the snow again

Murphy searching in the snow

Murphy deeper in the snow

Murphy covered in snow

Murphy trying to swim in the snow

Guess who in the snow - OK I will stop with the Murphy in the snow pictures now I am becoming a "baby bore" 

Murphy alseep after a day in the snow 

A Swedish person told me I could catch some fish for my supper.............
I think this is a trick they play on all "foreigners".............

Even Ninja and Murphy knew there was no point waiting for me to feed them !

Thankfully we had a back up plan - Grille Korv with Tommy, Ewa, Daniel, Monica and Linus
Thanks for another great day guys !
See you in June (well not right where we are in the picture as we may get a bit wet)